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Matilda Julep

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Warm and sunny, the garden-style charm of Matilda Julep brings with it a fresh cut hint of spring. Tucked into a silver tone julep cup, a bundle of delicately scented deep purple hyacinth, golden tulips and sorbet colored ranunculus measures 8" x 8" x 10" and requires next day shipping.

- 1 Julep Cup
- 2 Dark Purple Hyacinths
- 20 Assorted Sorbet Ranunculas
- 8 Yellow Tulips

- Matilda Julep is a fresh cut floral arrangement.

-Carefully unpack from the shipping box and remove wire, cardboard, and tissue wrap. Remove any water tubes from the ends of the bouquet and trim the bottom of the stems. Fill silver julep cup with water and place bouquet inside.

-A few outer guard petals may need to be removed from the flowers to remove any bruises and encourage new growth and beauty. Additionally, we use the freshest flowers available, so certain stems in the arrangement may not be fully bloomed when first received. Be patient, the new buds should show within a day or two!

-Flowers should be kept out of direct sunlight and extreme hot or cold temperatures.

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