Succulent Birch Planter

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  • Succulent Birch Planter, Petite (#3226)
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  • Succulent Birch Planter, Large (#3227)
  • $104.00
Exotically eco-chic, an array of naturalistic botanical elements brings a burst of life indoors and out. Hardy and easy to care for, a resilient variety of succulent plants comes expertly potted in a unique birch bark container. Petite measures approximately 6" in diameter by 6 1/2" tall, large measures approximately 12" in diameter by 9" tall and each Succulent Birch Planter requires 2nd day shipping.
- Succulent Birch Planter is an easy to care for arrangement of potted succulent plants.

- Succulents grow in some extremely hostile environments and are tough plants. They exist with very little effort, but thrive on tender loving care.
- Watering: Succulents need a good soak once a week or if you feel the soil is dry. Damp soil is still enough moisture as they store water in their leaves. Place in the sink, water each succulent thoroughly and allow presentation box to drain completely before returning to any surface.
- Light: Succulents like bright light, they will thrive in almost any setting from shade to full sun. However, they should be kept out of extreme hot or cold temperatures.
- We do not recommend re-planting.

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