Succulent Frog

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A happy little frog filled with exotic looking succulent plants adds charm and character to any home or patio. Hardy and easy to care for, this little guy comes fully planted and ready for display. The Succulent Frog measures 6" x 6" x 5" and requires 2nd day shipping. Orders for this item received before 12 PM (MT) will typically ship same day.

Succulent Frog Includes
- 1 Succulent Frog

The Succulent Frog is planted with winter hardy succulents that survive temperatures down to -10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Light: Succulents thrive outdoors in full or partial daylight. Cloudy days do not negatively affect growth.

Watering: When the soil is dry, water thoroughly. Allow soil to dry before watering again. Watering frequency will vary based on light and temperature levels.

Fertilizer: Fertilize through Spring, Summer and Fall with a low nitrogen water soluble fertilizer to maintain vibrant colors and healthy growth.

Maintain Your Planter: Succulents will grow and reproduce indefinately. As they start to crowd the container, remove a few of the plants to encourage healthy growth and longevity of the planter.

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