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Cottontail Easter Crate

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Cottontail Rabbit visits with a crate full of springtime surprises. Strawberry marshmallow puffs, strawberry jelly beans, lemon drops, watermelon sours, a rock candy stick, and an orange gummy bear filled carrot come gift wrapped along with our soft, plush bunny measuring 15 tall in a hand crafted wood crate with ribbon.

Cottontail Easter Crate Includes:
- 1 Bag Lemon Drops
- 1 Bag Strawberry Jelly Beans
- 1 Bag Strawberry Marshmallow Puffs
- 1 Bag Watermelon Sours
- 1 Orange Gummy Bears "Carrot"
- 1 Rock Candy Stick
- 1 Plush Bunny Toy
- 1 Hand Crafted Wood Crate

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