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Gourmet Brittle Crate

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Salty and sweet with a satisfying crunch, our gourmet assortment of buttery nut brittles is the ultimate indulgence. Includes pecan, almond, and peanut brittles—one plain and one chocolate drizzled of each—for a total of six scrumptious varieties. Arrives gift wrapped in a hand crafted wood crate with ribbon.

- 1 4oz Peanut Brittle
- 1 4oz Pecan Brittle
- 1 4oz Almond Brittle
- 1 4oz Peanut Dark Chocolate Drizzle
- 1 4oz Pecan Chocolate Drizzle Brittle
- 1 4oz Almond White Choc Drizzle Brittle
- 1 Small Hand Crafted Wooden Crate with Lid

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