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"Love" Sweets Crate

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Does your sweetheart have a sweet tooth? Send them a lighthearted message with a tantalizing array of goodies, including delectable gummy disks, sour strawberry belts, pink gummy puffs, pink jelly beans, nonpareil coated gummies, pink taffy, and four cookies spelling out “LOVE." All arrive gift wrapped together in a hand crafted wood crate with ribbon.

- 1 Bag Fruit Gummy Discs
- 1 Bag Nonpareil Hearts
- 1 Bag Sour Strawberry Belts
- 1 Set of 4 "LOVE" Cookies
- 1 Bag Gummy Hearts
- 1 Bag Pink Taffy
- 1 Bag Bright Pink Jelly Beans
- 1 Bag Pink Gummy Puffs
- 1 Hand Crafted Wood Crate with Lid

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