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Spring Green Succulent Wreath

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Eye-catchingly exotic, an assortment of hardy living succulents expertly planted in a 12" diameter wreath form creates a naturalistic and easy to care for accent. Custom wreath takes approximately 3 business days to create. Requires 2nd day shipping.

Spring Green Succulent Wreath Includes
- 1 Spring Green Succulent Wreath

Spring Green Succulent Wreath is planted with winter hardy succulents that survive temperatures down to -10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Light: Succulents thrive outdoors in full or partial daylight. Cloudy days do not negatively affect growth.

Watering: When the soil is dry, water thoroughly. Allow soil to dry before watering again. Watering frequency will vary based on light and temperature levels.

Fertilizer: Fertilize through Spring, Summer and Fall with a low nitrogen water soluble fertilizer to maintain vibrant colors and healthy growth.

Maintain Your Planter: Succulents will grow and reproduce indefinately. As they start to crowd the container, remove a few of the plants to encourage healthy growth and longevity of the planter.

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