Mini Birch Succulent

Mini Birch Succulent (#19192)
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Classic accents of natural beauty reinvigorate any space. Gathered in a planter crafted of real birch bark, they’ll love admiring this sweet arrangement of hardy succulents. Measuring approximately 6" in diameter by 7" tall, Mini Birch Succulent requires 2nd day shipping.
Mini Birch Succulent is an easy to care for arrangement of potted succulent plants.

- Succulents grow in some extremely diverse and arid environments, making them incredibly hearty. They survive with minimal effort, but thrive on tender loving care.

- Watering: Succulents store water in their roots and leaves. As such, they typically do not need more than 1 ounce of water per month.

- Before watering, check soil. If it is damp, please wait to water.

- If soil is parched, place succulent in the sink and give 1 ounce of water.

- Light: Succulents like bright light, they will thrive in almost any setting from shade to full sun. However, they should be kept out of extreme hot or cold temperatures.

- We do not recommend re-planting.

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4 star rating By CDK1  |  Jan 3, 2023
For succulent lovers
Lovely display of succulents. The birch box is a nice rustic touch, but the bark was a bit tattered. The moss and high soil level were somewhat problematic for spilling over the edge of the container. Nice that watering instructions and pipette were included.
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