Simply Unique Giving™

"Always, always send a thoughtful card with a gift, always give the ones you love a kiss, and celebrate the seasons with love and giving."

Introducing Olive & Cocoa, purveyors of gifts gracious, thoughtful and beautiful. With wit and whimsy, we present to you a collection that includes a little something for every occasion, from the wedding of the season, to the office thank you, to the birthday of a dear friend.

"It's all in the details. Style, art, beauty, meaning, and mostly imagination." As Olive and Cocoa would say, "A gift is an extension of yourself." From our eco-friendly hand crafted wooden crates and packaging, to our market-selected edibles and expertly designed florals, our exquisitely presented gifts always make a grand entrance.

"Open your heart, explore meaning, and express feelings with surprises, wows and little thoughts of thanks and love." A carefully selected gift from the Olive & Cocoa® collection ensures that your thoughtfulness will linger long after the last bloom has faded, the last treat has been savored, and the last candle has been wished upon.

Thoughtfully yours,

Olive & Cocoa