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Tastes for Everyone
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Mocha Dog
Savory, Salty & Sweet
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Lots of Little Goodies
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Snacks To Share
$50.00 –$144.00
Heart Sling Pack
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Treats For The Team
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Gather & Share
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El Milagro Heart
$108.00 NEW
Crimson & Creme Delights
$64.00 –$98.00 NEW
Treats For The Team Tote
$50.00 –$90.00
Tastes For Everyone Tote
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At First Blush Crate
$64.00 –$128.00
Xo Throw
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Chocolatier Sweets
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Delectable Delights Crate
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Tasteful Favorites
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Snacks To Share Tote
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Heart & Xo Pillows
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Lots of Little Chocolates
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Gummy Love Crate
$64.00 –$98.00
$64.00 –$118.00
Frosted Votive Candle Box
$48.00 –$118.00
Heartfelt Treats Crate
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Velvet Crush Bag
$398.00 NEW
Nested Votive Candle Box
$58.00 –$88.00
$178.00 –$378.00
Chocolate Bliss
$98.00 –$178.00
Gourmet Snack Break
$54.00 –$98.00
Chocolate Delights Crate
$50.00 –$118.00
$138.00 NEW
Botanic Candle Lit Boxes
$44.00 –$74.00
Sweet Birthday Goodies
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Floral of the Month Club
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Olive & Cocoa Gifts

At Olive & Cocoa, we strive to make giving and receiving gifts a beautiful experience. From food gifts and award-winning florals to inspiring décor and exquisitely presented gifts for any occasion, our gifts always make a grand entrance. Our team of expert curators travel the world to bring you the most unique and high quality gift ideas for your friends, family, and business associates -- making any occasion truly special.

We specialize in providing the perfect gift giving experience. No matter the destination, your one-of-a-kind gift will be delivered on time with an unforgettable presentation. You'll enjoy effortless gift delivery when you shop with Olive & Cocoa where every gift is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Featured Gifts

Lulu Lamb & Blankie

Cozy cuddling sends baby straight to sweet sleep. A fuzzy sheep snuggles next to baby to keep them company while a luxurious ivory colored reversible chamois blanket wraps them up tight. Sheep measures approximately 13" long, blanket measures 30" x 36", and both come gift wrapped...

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Lulu Lamb & Blankie

Amalfi Striped Door Mat

Vibrant colors in an array of bright stripes bring a warm summer welcome. Made from natural coconut coir, our Amalfi Striped Door Mat is extra thick and can be kept clean with a simple shake. Mat measures 18 x 30 and arrives adorned with a fluffy signature Olive & Cocoa® satin...

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Amalfi Striped Door Mat

Personalized Ski Lodge Tray

Serve après-ski Glühwein and snacks with rustic style. Hand crafted in the USA, tray is customizable with up to 10 characters to bring a personal touch to any “ski lodge." Measuring approximately 18" x 12" x 2", tray has handles in its lip and a water-resistant lacquer...

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Personalized Ski Lodge Tray

Tastes for Everyone

From cheeses and crackers to nuts, spicy salsa, and a bit of chocolate, everyone is sure to find a favorite treat to devour. Petite includes tortilla chips, roasted salsa, white chocolate pretzels, mixed nuts, and chocolate almond bark. Medium also includes salami, farmhouse cheese,...

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Tastes for Everyone

From the Blog

The Art of Thoughtful Gifting: Why Presentation Matters

Remember the time you received a gift so beautifully wrapped that you couldn't help but savor every moment of unwrapping it? You carefully pulled off the silky ribbon, gently peeled the paper back, and paused to enjoy the suspense before revealing the contents inside. It was clear to you that the person who gave you the gift paid special attention to its presentation so you would know that they were thinking of you well beyond the time it took to pick out the present.

The wrappings, boxes, and bows are more than icing on the cake, they're a subtle message to the recipient that they matter enough to go the extra mile for. The excitement of receiving a beautifully presented gift makes the item inside seem even more special. At Olive & Cocoa, we've mastered the art of gift presentation.We strive to make sure every gift received comes with an unforgettable gifting experience. From the moment the crate is picked up from the porch, to the time the last item is pulled from the wrapping, this is what the receiver of your gift from Olive & Cocoa can look forward to.

The Art of Thoughtful Gifting: Why Presentation Matters


Most of our gifts arrive in an eco-friendly hand crafted wood crate. These beautiful, hot iron branded crates are a delightful addition to the present inside--something that reminds them of you and the thought you put into making sure they receive a gift with an unforgettable presentation. As an added bonus, our crates are fun to repurpose. From planters to storage boxes, the useful possibilities are many!


Every gift we send on your behalf is topped with an elegant satin ribbon. This finishing touch is the first impression the recipient will have. Their eyes will delight in the beauty of the shimmering threads as their hands glide over the luxurious softness of the silky ribbon. These pleasant sensations create an exciting prelude to the next step in the gifting experience.


Once the recipient finally pulls the ribbon loose and pops the lid off the crate, they'll be met with a fun confetti of shredded packing to protect the contents that are gathered together in a single sheet of high-quality, natural-toned paper and secured with an Olive & Cocoa signature sticker, creating an element of suspense! Gourmet food items are individually packaged in sanitary cellophane bags to ensure freshness. Non-food items are neatly arranged and nestled in the shredded paper.


The most meaningful gifts are those that come from the heart. That's why each thoughtfully chosen gift from Olive & Cocoa comes with a special message written from you to the recipient on an elegant ivory card. You put together the perfect, heart-felt words and we'll take care of the calligraphy!

You take great care in choosing a meaningful gift, something that perfectly befits the one you are sending it to. With the right presentation, the gift you give comes with an especially meaningful experience for the recipient. Make the gift you send even more delightful to receive by sending it the Olive & Cocoa way!