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With a golden luster, snowy white and luxuriant ivory blooms share the splendor of the season. Accented with bright red berries, wisps of greenery, gold-tone pinecones, and striking botanicals, Natalia is artfully arranged in a dark stained hand crafted wood box and measures approximately 10" x 10" x 8" to top of arrangement. Requires next day shipping.
Natalia is a fresh cut floral arrangement.

- Carefully remove the cardboard inserts holding your flower arrangement in place, then unpack.

- The arrangement is held in place by bindwire around the wood box. You can cut this off as it is not needed anymore.

- Some of the outer guard petals may need to be removed from the flowers to remove any bruises and encourage new growth and beauty.

- Additionally, we use the freshest flowers available, so certain stems in the arrangement may not be fully bloomed when first received. Be patient—the new buds should show within a day or two!

- Flowers should be kept out of extreme hot or cold temperatures.

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By SalSal  |  Jan 14, 2024
A holiday gift. The recipient called not only to thank me, but to share that it was not only beautiful but that the flowers were still lovely nearly a week later and appeared that they would "last" longer. Recipient is very particular when it comes to floral arrangements.

By Sharyl  |  Jan 7, 2024
Recipient loved it

By marye  |  Jan 7, 2024
sympathy arrangement
Saw the pic in the catalog and was in spired to send it to a bereaved mother. She liked it very much and keeps it with the photo of her son.

By mary  |  Dec 28, 2023
every aspect artistic
A friend of the family-someone I don't really know-lost a grown son to drugs 2 weeks before xmas. I was just looking through the catalog and was stopped cold by the beautiful arrangement and thought I'll send that to the family friend. She loved it. She keeps it by her side. So glad I found it. Very classy and all the white is soothing.

By LKB1  |  Dec 20, 2021
Unique and long lasting
This is my second purchase of the Natalia bouquet. Absolutely gorgeous and lasts over 2 weeks. Will definitely order again!

By galileo  |  Dec 2, 2021
SO happy to review positively
This particular item was well received and checked all my boxes for the response I was hoping for.  I have sent other things from the catalog that were not liked (cookies) so I am thrilled more than I can express. It was perfect.

By TimD  |  Jan 22, 2021

By Jennygee  |  Jan 5, 2021

By pfl92  |  Jan 4, 2021
I bought as a gift. When I saw the gift it was not as pictured. Not as many flowers and the roses were much higher in the planter, which is a different look.

Still liked the gift, but a bit disappointed.

By Cheryl1932  |  Dec 23, 2020
Beautiful Flowers
The flower arrangement was gorgeous and as represented in your catalog. They were very fresh and lasted almost 2 weeks.