Olive & Cocoa® Signature Gourmet Collection

Olive & Cocoa® Signature Gourmet Collection (#8024)
(10) 5 star rating
This over-the-top deluxe collection makes the ultimate impression. Rosemary thyme and rosemary parmesan crackers, black pepper crackers, two farmstead cheeses, hummus, sundried tomato bruschetta spread, artisan salami, Tuscan olives, jerky tenders, fruit and seed trail mix, dried apricots and figs, salted pistachios, roasted mixed nuts, wasabi cracker mix, chocolate covered caramelized almonds, chocolate dipped coconut macaroons, butter cookies, handmade sea salt caramels, Swedish fish, milk chocolate covered pretzels, dark chocolate covered almonds, two artisan cacao bars, a wooden cutting board, a serving knife and a corkscrew come gift wrapped with our signature satin ribbon and gift card in a hand crafted wood crate measuring over 2 feet wide. To ensure the most timely delivery of your gift, some components may be substituted for items of equal or greater value. In the warmest weather, we will substitute any “meltables” with items of equal or greater value (and taste!).
Olive & Cocoa Signature Gourmet Collection Includes:
- 6 Macaroons
- 2 Artisan Chocolate Bars
- 1 Bag Trail Mix
- 1 Bag Mixed Nuts
- 1 Bag Pistachios
- 1 Bag Swedish Fish
- 1 Bag Sea Salt Caramels
- 1 Bag Dried Figs & Apricots
- 1 Bag Milk Chocolate Pretzels
- 1 Bag Chocolate Toffee Dusted Almonds
- 1 Jar Hummus Dip
- 1 Jar Tuscan Table Olives
- 1 Jar Sun Dried Tomato Bruschetta Spread
- 1 Box Chocolate Covered Caramelized Almonds
- 1 Box Butter Cookies
- 1 Box Black Pepper Crackers
- 1 Box Rosemary Thyme Crisps
- 1 Box Rosemary Parmesan Crackers
- 1 Package Wasabi Crackers
- 1 Hot Pepper Cheese
- 1 Smoked Gouda Cheese
- 1 Artisanal Salami
- 1 Berry & Jerky Mix
- 1 Harvest Fruit & Jerky Mix
- 1 Serving Knife
- 1 Dark Stained Cutting Board
- 1 Double Hinged Corkscrew
- 1 2 1/2 Foot Wide Hand Crafted Wood Crate

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By Milene  |  Apr 19, 2022
Off the Charts Wow Factor
The recipient sent me not one, but two text messages sharing how impressive this gift was. "WOW, was definitely an understatement. Maybe triple WOW" was the second text. This is from a particularly important contact of mine. I will absolutely send this gift again when the opportunity to let someone know they are a VIP presents itself again.

By Bob Loblaw  |  May 25, 2021
Wonderful "Get Well" Basket!
We sent this to an associate that recently had surgery and they absolutely loved it.

By Buzz 31  |  Apr 25, 2021
This basket of goodies was a gift for friends. They let us know this was far and away the nicest gift basket they have ever seen. Layer upon layer of wonderful surprises. We shipped them the signature gourmet collection.

By chstellhorn  |  May 26, 2020
Remote work sanity
My team of committed professionals were going into our eighth week of stay at home orders and I wanted to gift them something to "lavish" them with appreciation and immediately turned to Olive & Cocoa!

By serena  |  May 23, 2019
Beautiful Basket!!
This was a gift and it was well enjoyed and truly appreciated.

By Sandrun  |  Apr 8, 2019
Unusual and beautifully presented baskets
I purchased two baskets over the phone with the assistance of a very lovely woman. She asked me several questions about who would be receiving the basket and for what occasion.

The recipients were delighted with their gifts.

By abeumer  |  Dec 27, 2016
Excellent Product and Customer Service
Our company wanted a unique and impressive gift to send out to past and potential clients as well as esteemed business partners. Our account representative helped us through the process of creating a brand and choosing gift boxes. The result was a very elegant and impactful gift that will not be forgotten anytime soon.

By pamtruax  |  Dec 25, 2016
Always the best!!!!
Absolutely love Olive and Cocoa!!!! Best product and presentation!!

By SLM Architecture  |  Dec 16, 2016

By Stella  |  Dec 22, 2015
Fantastic Selection
I bought this for some of my clients for the holidays and they were blown away.
If you want to make a good impression this is the collection to give.

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