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Potted Amaryllis Bulb (#17093)
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Simply stunning, amaryllis is a traditional gift that includes the joy of witnessing a natural bloom. Our take on the classic amaryllis bulb arrives planted in a 6 1/2" diameter birch pot and is finished with moss, pinecone, and a red satin bow. Following the simple care card, Potted Amaryllis Bulb should bloom indoors after 6–8 weeks. Requires 2nd day shipping.
Amaryllis bulbs are hardy indoor plants that grow with sunshine, a little water, and tender loving care. Your amaryllis bulb is presented in a birch wood container without drainage holes in order to protect display surfaces.

Watering: Amaryllis needs to be watered to begin the blooming process. Upon receipt, water your amaryllis bulb until the soil is very damp. Do not overwater; the container is not equipped for drainage. Water sparingly until growth is clearly under way, then water whenever potting mix at one finger depth is dry to the touch.

Light: Keep your amaryllis in a sunny window (south- or west-facing is best). Room temperature (60-75 degrees Fahrenheit) is ideal; the warmer the room, the faster the bulb will grow.

Turn the pot daily to promote balanced growth (the stems will lean toward the window). In the average home, flowers will appear 6-8 weeks after first watering. Bloom can be prolonged by moving the bulb to a cool location at night. We do not recommend replanting.

When your amaryllis flowers start to fade, don't throw the bulb away! Online guides can help you properly care for your amaryllis bulb so it can bloom again next year. Enjoy!

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By N/A  |  Jan 5, 2024
Loved the Amaryllis bulb gift
Our friend was surprised by and loved the gift! Very Happy our friend was happy!

By None   |  Dec 30, 2023
Attractive pot-loving pine cone
We enjoy watching it grow!
Plan to buy 2 next year.

By LThrash33  |  Dec 27, 2023
This was a gift for my Mom. Amazing .... beautiful plant and presentation. She received one as a gift from another company. This bulb and presentation far surpassed the other. Fast growing. Great shipping.

By Always tomorrow   |  Dec 20, 2023
A hope-filled gift
Friends and family are thrilled with the potential beauty of the Amaryllis in the New Year. Beautiful packaging and wrapping, and the usual excellent delivery.

By LThrash33  |  Dec 17, 2023
Great gift!! Beautiful
I got this for my Mom. Great shipping, item is as described. She received another amaryllis from somewhere else - this one BY FAR outshines the other and they haven't bloomed yet!!! There are 3 shoots on this one growing beautifully, the other has 1 shoot that looks like its struggling.

By SallyAnn2230  |  Feb 27, 2023
We received this as a Christmas gift. It bloomed after about 6 weeks with 4 HUGE flowers. When it was done blooming I cut the stem off at the bottom & within 2-3 weeks ANOTHER gorgeous bloom of again, 4 HUGE flowers! Amazing! What a wonderful gift!!

By Helena80  |  Jan 8, 2023
waiting to see amaryllis bulbs to bloom
amaryllis arrived last month but has not bloomed yet

By Netto  |  Dec 31, 2022
Lovely living gift!
I gave this potted amaryllis to my 3 sisters for Xmas. I think they all were pleasantly surprised to get a living gift! All 3 said they were beautifully wrapped and they are already seeing them begin to grow! I should have gotten one for myself!

By PeterJ  |  Dec 11, 2022
Wonderful Product
I ordered 3 and I have decided to order more for additional gifts. They're just wonderful to watch grow!

By sadiesue  |  Nov 29, 2022
My Favorite Gift
I received one of these last year from my MIL, and it bloomed beautifully with two large flowers, twice. I have kept it alive since then, and I just received another one. I'm excited to grow the new plant and hoping to see the older plant bloom again! This the perfect gift for your friends with green thumbs and black thumbs alike! Easy to care for and a fun experience watching it grow.

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