Winter’s Grace

Winter’s Grace (#17089)
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An elegant gathering of lacy white and cream florals promenade with pinecones and bright green herbs. Expertly arranged in a dark stained hand crafted wood trough, Winter's Grace measures approximately 15" x 4" x 7" to top of arrangement and requires next day shipping.
Winter's Grace is a fresh cut floral arrangement.

- Carefully remove the cardboard inserts holding your flower arrangement in place, then unpack.

- The arrangement is held in place by bindwire around the wood box. You can cut this off as it is no longer needed.

- Some of the outer guard petals may need to be removed from the flowers to eliminate any bruises and encourage new growth and beauty.

- Additionally, we use the freshest flowers available, so certain stems in the arrangement may not be fully bloomed when first received. Be patient—the new buds should show within a day or two!

- Flowers should be kept out of extreme hot or cold temperatures.

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By cjs394  |  Jan 5, 2023
Sadly disappointed
Sadly, these flowers were sent during one of the coldest days that hit Chicago. All but one of the lilies were dead and turned brown. This was meant as a gift for a family's first Christmas in their new home and I was sadly disappointed that my joy in sending a beautiful gift went wrong.
Customer Service: I am so sorry to hear the Winter's Grace arrangement you purchased arrived damaged due to the cold weather. That is very disappointing. I will be reaching out to you privately and hope you'll give us a chance to make this right.

By ROYO  |  Dec 30, 2022
Beautiful and long lasting!
It keeps blooming and it has a great container. Worked great with my client's decor, and they were delighted!

By Edie1225  |  Dec 17, 2022
Birthday surprise
I bought this for my sister in law .. the moment I saw this I knew she would love it and she did !!

By Aubelinda  |  Dec 21, 2020
Sent as Gift and Always Arrives as Advertised
I sent this arrangement to my Manager and it arrived as fresh and beautiful as shown. I didn't mind paying the delivery fee because it arrived as promised. Spectacular is the word he used to discover the arrangement!

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