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"Bought for my grandson and granddaughter. They had so much fun reading the book and having a snowball fight. The whole family joined in! Elegantly wrapped, loved the crate they came in!"
-Mary H.

From Nature to Nursery:

Elephant Baby Gifts

that Bring Families Together

Elephants have graced nurseries for generations. This is due not only to their reputation for intelligence and parenting prowess, but the neutral color palate they offer. Fill the nursery with gifts celebrating these gentle giants, and you'll have timeless heirlooms. Just as elephant mothers watch closely over their calves, parents and baby can share quality time over these treasures.

APRIL 2018

A Robust Elephant Props the Door to Welcome:

A soft, sturdy elephant sculpture is a versatile piece that brings a friendly presence to the room. Wonderfully weighty, it has multiple uses, like as a doorstop, bookend or a play piece. The simplistic modern design and the soft feel is a risk-free baby shower gift that will match any décor and it's durable enough to last through baby's formative years.

Parents Love to Play Dress Up, Babies Love to Play:

Babies grow and change with every passing day, and parents want to treasure every moment. Taking photos of baby's every move is extra fun with a crisp white onesie decorated with a sweet elephant accent, that's paired with an elephant plush rattle for baby to shake and squeeze. Another photo-ready gift is a woven blanket of heirloom quality workmanship, complete with matching baby cap and woven elephant rattle. The baby elephant image not only endears, but also coordinates with any color so capturing baby's smile, or an impromptu nap, will look cute no matter where they are.

A Well-Crafted Story, A Soft Elephant Friend, One Strong Family Bond:

The long-standing bond between pachyderm parents and the calves of the herd is symbolic of our own bond with baby and our dedication to family life. Be it their first or fourth child, parents can be at ease while their little one pulls on the floppy yet well-stitched arms and ears of an elephant plush, gifted by you along with a charming story. With baby's fingers occupied, mom or dad are now free to share the amusing tale and imaginative illustrations that will entertain time and again.

Elephants epitomize Frank A. Clark's inspiring quote, "A baby is born with a need to be loved, and never outgrows it." Elephants will remain a long-standing fixture in baby showers and birthday gifts, as parents and children are inspired by their strong yet whimsical body shapes and gentle spirits.

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