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Blanc & Noir Gourmet

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NEW! Savory charcuterie, sweet delights, and every extravagance in between are sure to please the most sophisticated of palates. Blanc & Noir Gourmet crate includes hot pepper cheese, sea salt chocolates, herbes de provence olives, chocolate toffee dusted almonds, dark chocolate pretzels, soppressatta salami, copa salami, olive tapenade, 4 chocolate penguins, vanilla rum cashews, champagne popcorn, garlic almonds, olive oil flatbread, savory cheese coins, smoked gouda, tomato basil cheese, smoked salmon, and a petite serving board. All arrive gift wrapped together in a hand crafted wood crate with ribbon.

- 1 Round Hot Pepper Cheese
- 1 Sea Salt Chocolate Square
- 1 Package Herbes de Provence Olives
- 1 Bag Chocolate Toffee Dusted Almonds
- 1 Bag Dark Chocolate Pretzels
- 1 Package Sopressatta Salami
- 1 Package Copa Salami
- 1 Jar Kalamata and Caper Tapenade
- 4 Chocolate Penguins
- 1 Bag Vanilla Rum Cashews
- 1 Bag Champagne Popcorn
- 1 Small Serving Board
- 1 Bag Black Garlic Almonds
- 1 Package Olive Oil Flatbread
- 1 Bag Savory Cheese Coins
- 1 Round Smoked Gouda Cheese
- 1 Round Tomato Basil Cheese
- 1 Package Smoked Salmon
- 1 Hand Crafted Wood Crate with Lid


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