Bountiful Gatherings Crate

Bountiful Gatherings Crate (#14814)
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A bountiful variety of gourmet indulgences sure to please all who gather. Includes a rose gold–toned serving set, slate serving board with wood cheese spreader, prosciutto, olives, farmhouse cheeses, berry preserves, dusted almonds, date and walnut bites, grilled vegetable antipasti, dried fruit, olive oil crackers, salami, cheese and nut coins, smoked salmon, black pepper crackers, grilled asparagus, lobster spread, curried cashews, herb roasted almonds and pistachios, spice cookies, raspberry truffles, crème brûlée almonds, milk chocolate caramels, dark chocolate pecan toffee, cocoa cookies, berry-shaped gummies, chocolate covered fruit, fruit paste, and white chocolate dipped dried strawberries. All arrive gift wrapped together in a hand crafted wood crate with ribbon.
Bountiful Gatherings Crate Includes:
- 1 Bag Curried Cashews
- 1 Bag Raspberry Truffles
- 1 Bag Date & Walnut Bites
- 1 Bag Dark Chocolate Pecan Toffee
- 1 Bag Chocolate Covered Dried Fruit
- 1 Bag Gourmet Milk Chocolate Caramels
- 1 Bag Chocolate Toffee Dusted Almonds
- 1 Bag Raspberry and Blackberry Gummies
- 1 Bag White Chocolate Creme Strawberry Crisps
- 1 Bag Rosemary Roasted Almonds & Pistachio Nuts
- 1 Package Prosciutto
- 1 Package Dark Chocolate Cocoa Butter Cookies
- 1 Container Lobster Spead
- 1 Container Smoked Salmon
- 1 Container Pommegrante Fruit Paste
- 1 Box Olive Oil Crackers
- 1 Box Black Pepper Crackers
- 1 Box Bleu Cheese & Walnut Cheese Coins
- 1 Tube Ginger Spice Moravian Cookies
- 1 Tube Cranberry Orange Moravian Cookies
- 1 Jar Grilled Asparagus
- 1 Jar Mixed Vegetables Antipasti
- 1 Jar Dequmana Arbequina Olives
- 1 Jar Raspberry & Chambord Preserves
- 1 Serving Pacific Rainbow Dried Fruit
- 1 Stick Aged Asiago Volpi Salami
- 1 Square Tomato Basil Cheese
- 1 Round Hot Pepper Cheese
- 1 Tin Crème Brûlée Almonds
- 1 Set Slate Cheese Board with Spreader & Linen Bag
- 1 Set of 4 Mini Rose Gold Cheese Spreaders
- 1 Hand Crafted Wood Crate

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