Goodies For The Group

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With something to dip, handfuls to crunch, and plenty to go ’round, our medley is perfect for the group. They’ll savor red and white licorice, gourmet fruit and nut trail mix, mustard, olive tapenade and crackers, artisan salami, pretzels, crisscross crunch, and popcorn. All arrive gift wrapped together in a hand crafted wood crate with ribbon.

Goodies For The Group Includes:
- 1 Bag Trail Mix
- 1 Bag Toffee Criss Cross Crunch
- 1 Bag Skinny Dipping Pretzels
- 1 Bag Pimento Cheese Popcorn
- 1 Bag Red and White Licorice
- 1 Jar Coarse Dill Mustard
- 1 Jar Green Olive Tapenade
- 1 Stick Aged Asiago Volpi Salami
- 1 Package Rustic Crackers
- 1 Hand Crafted Wood Crate

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