Halloween Carnival Sweets

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Cast a scrumptious spell with this collection of trick-or-treat sweets. A buttery and crispy witch cookie wand is accompanied by a crispy cauldron cookie, candy straws, witch finger lollipops, white chocolate Halloween bark, peanut butter candy cereal, peach rings, jelly beans, and sour candy disks. All arrive gift wrapped together in a hand crafted wood crate with ribbon.

- 1 Hand Crafted Medium Wooden Crate with Lid
- 1 Cauldron Black with Green Bubbles Cookie
- 1 5.6 Oz. Bag Gummy Peach Rings
- 1 Witch Face Sugar Cookie Wand
- 1 Green, Orange & Yellow Jelly Beans
- 1 Reeses Pieces Death by Choc Criss Cross Crunch
- 2 Pineapple Hard Candy Coating Straw
- 1 Purple Witch Finger Lollipop
- 1 Green Witch Finger Lollipop
- 1 4oz Multi-color Sprees
- 1 Confetti, Pretzels & Candy Corn White Choc Bark

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