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Verona Succulent

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Lush jade succulents enliven a commanding metal potager. Measuring approximately 15" in diameter by 10" tall, this easy-to-care-for centerpiece will grow a bit more beautiful each day. Requires 2nd day shipping.
Verona Succulent is an easy to care for arrangement of potted succulent plants.

- Succulents grow in some extremely diverse and arid environments, making them incredibly hearty. They survive with minimal effort, but thrive on tender loving care.

- Watering: Succulents store water in their roots and leaves. As such, they typically do not need more than 1 ounce of water per month.
- Before watering, check soil. If it is damp, please wait to water.
- If soil is parched, place succulent in the sink and give 1 ounce of water.

- Light: Succulents like bright light, they will thrive in almost any setting from shade to full sun. However, they should be kept out of extreme hot or cold temperatures.

- We do not recommend re-planting.

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