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The Tie that Binds:

There's a Perfect Scarf Tie for Every Occasion

APRIL 2018

Scarves are a year-round accessory with the right tie. We've selected five ties that take your scarf from day to night and give new life to the tried & true single loop 'round-the-neck. These unique options are for any look or any weather:

Olive & Cocoa

For Warm Weather

The Boa Tie looks best with an off-the-shoulder summer top, giving it a bold yet soft shape.

After making one classic loop 'round the neck, wrap the hanging portions of the scarf around the created loop over and over, by tucking inward and pulling straight again. Best of all, you can make the tucks as thin or as thick as you like, twirl them, keep them straight, or even leave the ends open for a little flair. The single soft ring rests like a colorful, textured necklace on your shoulders.

For Crisp Weather

The Loose Tie's cascading effect lends drama without overpowering the rest of your outfit. It's created by first making a classic loop 'round the neck, followed by a second pass around the neck to create a double ring. Finish it off with a single tie, off to the right or left.

The Cocoon Tie is ideal for larger scarves wide enough to serve as a shawl. This option is wonderful for wool or cotton, so it's chic in any season. As an off-the-neck option, simply tie the corners of the shawl together around your wrists, and you have an open cocoon wrap-around that won't slip or come undone as you go about your day.

As a Day to Night Accessory

For an accent on hand that makes your ensemble what you need it to be, a small diamond scarf is a girl's best friend. To always be ready with a dressy-casual cocktail look:

Tie a small scarf like a headband around your hair, or make a petite square knot 'round the neck for a pop of color and texture that's softer than jewelry.

As the day warms, wrap the scarf once round your wrist and then tie the ends in a square knot, creating a bracelet with some soft playfulness.

Accent your handbag with a small diamond scarf, by tying a simple knot where the strap meets the bag. It keeps this versatile accessory always available for an of-the-moment change.

As a Feminine Nod to the Necktie

These ties are perfect for business attire or a dinner party. They move any viewer's eye to matching details in your ensemble, ensuring the time and thought put into coordinating your look will receive due attention.

First there's the Fresh Knot, a simple square knot tied so it rests at the top of the abdomen. The weight from the knot creates a smooth long loop that hangs from the neck, giving any outfit a dressed-up touch, particularly with fabrics like cashmere and silk.

The Two Knots technique is accomplished by making a single loop 'round the neck. Then tie a single knot in the overhanging sections of the scarf, at the middle or any point you want to create a break in the scarf pattern. A triangular scarf works effortlessly with this tie.

We hope you have fun with these suggestions, and experiment with the dash of élan that only a scarf can provide.

Olive & Cocoa