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"Bought for my grandson and granddaughter. They had so much fun reading the book and having a snowball fight. The whole family joined in! Elegantly wrapped, loved the crate they came in!"
-Mary H.

August 2018

Gift Guide for Celebrating Baby:

Support Parents and Thank Those
Who Are Always There To Help

Gift Guide For Celebrating Baby

Celebrating a birth creates all kinds of moments to share a gift, from baby showers to first birthdays.

Although most births in America occur from July through October, we've prepared gift ideas that will fit any season and involve not just baby, but the whole family-starting with the miracle of the big moment and including parent-baby bonding time.

Baby Season

A newborn's first gift can be wonderfully symbolic to parents. A personalized touch such as a monogrammed blankie, or dreamy crib accessories that match the nursery, gives parents extra delight every time they wrap and cradle baby.

Baby Season

Those precious moments of rocking the baby to sleep, soaking in the beautiful new face and sneaking in to check on them after bedtime are made even sweeter with some soft lighting. A simple yet elegant gift of a lantern that hangs from the ceiling and lights with battery powered votives provides lovely ambiance.

During baby's all-important "tummy time," which develops little muscles, mom and dad's favorite animal friend with a corresponding book helps stimulate baby's senses by looking at pictures and hearing their voices, making baby exercises a labor of love.

Baby Season

Every child feels special when grandma and grandpa pay a visit or send that wonderful, thoughtful gift every year for birthdays and holidays.

Help grandparents feel appreciated for their support by sending a thank you; after all, grandparents deserve a treat themselves on occasion. This is especially true when they volunteer to watch older siblings while quality time is spent with the new baby, or when mom and dad decide to go on their post-baby date night. The role of grandparents in a family cannot be measured, as they gift that ever-valuable wisdom and comfort when raising children.

Whether to supportive family or to thank the caretakers that helped deliver baby, a birth provides the many opportunities for gracious and imaginative gifting that tightly knit relationships between loved ones.