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Customer Reviews

"I always send a foodie gift basket every year to my son in NY. This year I chose Olive & Cocoa. He immediately called to say how beautiful it was and that they loved the variety and yummy taste of everything in it!!! I will definitely be ordering more from Olive & Cocoa!"
-Janis S.
"Our family in Alaska, who received this gift basket, were thrilled with the quality of everything and how each of the foods complimented one another. You can imagine how a gift basket from Olive & Cocoa was like a true ray of sunshine amidst all that snow!"
-Mara L.
"I bought these gift bags for our clients and we got such great feedback. Everyone loved the assortment of food, the option to have a tote this year was really nice and the food is always so fresh and delicious. They do an amazing with the presentation as well."
-Aly B.
"Bought this along with two other crates for niece and nephew. They loved all the treats-especially the peppermint bark. A favorite!"
-Kathleen M.
"I sent the goodies tote to my hair salon as a thank you! This week the owner - a dear friend for many years - told me that the selections were terrific and he loved the tote. When I asked how the others liked it, he said, "oh, was I supposed to share?" It was a big hit."
-Janet N.
"Great food gift! Wonderful selection Enjoyed by all at the party This is the 4th gift that I have ordered.Always appreciatedĀ Thanks!"
-Terry G.
"Ordered the "Tastes for Everyone" crate for my hard-to-buy-for big brother's birthday. It arrived the day before and he couldn't wait to open the package. It was a big hit!"
-Holly R.
"My friend was thrilled with the bountiful box filled with special treats.My gift made the party! Thanks"
-Gerry J.
"I gave this as an Anniversary gift to my Son and his wife. They were thrilled and excited about how delish every thing was! It made me feel good that it was so enjoyed."
-Adriane H.
"Sent this to friends who have hosted me at their lovely home a couple of times. My friend was moved to tears with the presentation and the variety of delicious products. I was so happy that they were delighted with this thank-you gift."
-Lexi A.
"I got this box of munchies for dear friends who were in the process of moving, and they were thrilled to find it waiting on their front porch of their new home. It was a very welcome treat after a long day of packing!"
-Brenda B.
"I have purchased several items from O&C and have been extremely happy with the quality, packaging and care that goes into each gift!"
-Kathleen G.
"She and her family absolutely loved the gift- although she thought the cookies were TOO pretty to eat! Her family disagreed!"
-Christina S.

5 Reasons Why

Food Gift Baskets Make a Great Gift

for Any Occasion

Never underestimate the power of food when it comes to gifting. Whether you want to send a care package to a family member in another town, congratulate a colleague, or comfort a friend after a loss, a food gift basket is always a tasteful choice. Before you shop for another gift, read our five reasons why food may be your best gift-giving choice.

Food Gifts
Everyone Loves Food

Everyone Loves Food

Food is a necessity, but it is also a comfort and a luxury, so food gift baskets make a great gift not only for your foodie friends, but for anyone. Many people find savory foods comforting, so savory gift baskets make a great choice when sending a care package or condolence gift, while candy gift baskets make for a light-hearted gift that's perfect for birthdays and holidays. When it comes to romance and the chilly winter months, rich, decadent chocolate gift baskets are perfect for the occasions. Food crates and gift baskets can be just as personal and thoughtful as any gift, especially when you choose a gift basket filled with foods you know the person loves, finds comforting, or might not splurge on for themselves.

Food Gifts Food Gift Baskets are Versatile

Food Gift Baskets are Versatile

Whether you're congratulating an employee on their promotion, thanking a helpful friend, or sending your sympathies, food is the perfect gift. We often make gifting too hard on ourselves, trying to think of a gift that complements a particular theme, holiday, or the personality of the recipient when all we really need to think about is how to make the person feel special. Here's an expert tip: People feel pretty special when they receive a delicious food gift basket they didn't have to buy for themselves. And with so many options, themes and combinations of food gifts available, it's easy to find one that fits the occasion.

Food Gifts Food Gift Baskets are Fun to Share

Food Gift Baskets are Fun to Share

Food brings people together, and a large snack basket is a gift people love to share with friends and family. While we all enjoy indulging in delicious foods, we also enjoy sharing them with loved ones. Gift baskets often become party snacks or something to share with family or close friends who come to visit. Food has the power to bring people together, so it feels like a gift that comes from the heart.

Sending a Food Gift Basket is Convenient

Sending a Food Gift Basket is Convenient

Everyone appreciates having a savory snack or sweet treat waiting in the pantry for when their between-the-meals cravings set in. Food gifts provide the convenience of a quick snack that people can keep on hand, saving them a trip to the store. Additionally, food is a convenient gift choice when you are looking for something nice to send to a group, a family, or to a person you may not know that well. It's more personal than a gift card but appeals to practically everyone.

Food Gifts Food Gift Baskets are Thoughtful

Food Gift Baskets are Thoughtful

Checking off a chore from someone's to-do list is a pretty thoughtful way to show them how much you care. Sending a thoughtful food gift basket is like taking a trip to the grocery store for someone else, and who wouldn't appreciate one less trip to the grocery store? Food is nourishing as well, so sending someone a crate of healthful snacks shows them that you're thoughtful and that you care about their wellbeing.

Food Gifts

Food has the power to bring people together, to comfort and delight those who receive it. Whatever special occasion is coming up for you in the future, a food gift basket may be just the right gift to send. With so many options available, you're sure to find a gift that perfectly complements the occasion you are honoring, and sends a tasteful message to the recipient.

Food Gifts