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"I sent this to my daughter and son-in-law who love Halloween. They were impressed by the packaging and totally enjoyed the contents. They did photos of the unwrapping and tasting. As a bonus I have in return new fun photos of my family on my phone."
-Priscilla R.
"A hit at our Halloween party, amazing quality and looked amazing on the Halloween table of goodies. We bought all the Halloween goodies offered. Our party was amazing with these treats that where amazing quality and taste..."
-Lisa P.

Premium Halloween Candy Baskets

Halloween gifts and treats make up one of the most memorable and enjoyable parts of the annual Holiday. Choose from classic favorites like spooky frosted cookies and chocolate caramel pretzels presented in delightful designs to bring a smile to your guests' faces. Halloween is a time of year when people of all ages can come together to put their troubles aside and engage in an unforgettable celebration.

A Halloween treat basket is a cherished staple of the occasion. A combination of tasty treats in a beautiful presentation will win the hearts of the most hardened goblins or gremlins. The perfect Halloween candy baskets will brighten your dinner gatherings, providing sweet, savory, and familiar flavors that proceed from a delicious meal. Few things fuel a Halloween conversation like yummy snacks that come in the shape and pattern of timeless characters.

Olive and Cocoa's unique assortment of Halloween candy gifts comes in a bright array of cookies and confectionaries that look as good as they taste. Our Halloween candy baskets come in carefully hand-crafted packaging, complete with pretty finishing touches of ribbon or sash. They are the ideal gift for trick-or-treating Halloween traditions, or even as adult Halloween gifts that will leave a winning impression every time.

Browse our online collection of freshly made goodies and Halloween gifts to discover novel Halloween treat ideas that friends and the whole family can enjoy. We back our special offer with 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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10 Tasty Halloween Treats for 2022

With Halloween right around the corner, now is a great time to start preparing party menus and food gifts for family and friends. At Olive & Cocoa, we know the "trick" to hosting the perfect Halloween party is providing the right treats! That's why we've put together some of our tastiest Halloween treat baskets and hauntingly fun game sets to delight guests and get you in the spirit of the season. These Halloween sweets collections are perfect for parties or to send to friends and family as an unexpected Halloween gift. So, grab a mug of spiced cider and read on to get the insider scoop on the best Halloween treats for 2022.

10 Tasty Halloween Treats for 2021


This delectable Halloween sweet is perfect for kids and those young at heart. Our scrumptious pretzel treats check all the flavor boxes. A gorgeous, hand crafted wood crate comes packed with up to two dozen pretzel goblins smothered in buttery caramel and decadent white chocolate.


An abundant harvest of decadent fall flavor, the Autumn Sweets crate from Olive & Cocoa is brimming with beautiful earthy delights and perfect for the harvest season. From maple leaf lollipops to crunchy coconut cookie pops, savory cheddar popcorn and more, there's a festive flavor for every taste bud in this indulgent food gift crate


Our Halloween gift baskets call for a round of laughter and a little bit of mischief. Gather the family for this roaring update to the classic bingo game is fun for kids of all ages. They'll be delighted by the gleeful ghouls that dot the brightly colored cards and game board. Kids love mixing up the cards in the "monster head" box, and keeping up with their wins with the color swirl markers. For added fun, this crate comes with a mixture of sweet and savory treats for kids to snack on while they play.


Our classic Halloween candy baskets are perfect for those who love traditional candies and bright Halloween colors. Orange sour balls and peach rings mingle with chocolate-covered pretzel treats resembling mummies and goblins, and crispy rice treats in the shape of a witch's boot and pumpkin. This playful collection of Halloween treats is sure to enchant any party guest.


This Halloween Gift Basket brings a fun twist on a classic game. Bones allow players to stack and remove game pieces as high as they can go. Bones is paired with an assortment of fun Halloween treats including red licorice wheels, skull-shaped candies, white chocolate-covered pretzels, and our devilishly delicious rocky road popcorn. This Halloween gift basket makes the perfect surprise gift for a family of charming ghouls.


For some people, Halloween and candy corn go together. These Halloween candy baskets are specially curated with candy corn lovers in mind! Filled to the brim with orange and yellow goodies of various confections including marshmallow crispies, white chocolate candy corn bark, orange licorice twists, rocky road popcorn and more. This classic collection of Halloween sweets is sure to delight all those who love sugary treats.


Everyone is spellbound by the eerie story of poor Ichabod Crane and his unfortunate ventures in Sleepy Hollow. This specially curated halloween gift basket celebrates the magic of ghost tales and scary legends of the ages. A beautifully designed ceramic dessert plate comes paired with an assortment of harvest-hued candies including candy corn taffy, chocolate covered pretzels, yellow chocolate covered pretzels, orange sours and autumn gummy worms.


Cookies are fun, easy to take on the go, and pleasantly nostalgic. Our Halloween cookies are decorated with candy-like icing to resemble some of Halloween's most iconic characters including Frankenstein's monster, Dracula, a ghost, and, of course, a rickety old house to haunt, these crisp, buttery Halloween sugar cookies from Olive & Cocoa will remind you of your happiest Halloween memories filled with delectable Halloween treats.


Our delightful boolicious Halloween Candy Baskets have been curated with the spirit of trick-or-treating in mind. Our Boolicious Candy Crate is packed with all the goodies children look forward to when they pull on their favorite costumes and set out to collect treats on Halloween night. The treats include bright orange and black licorice twists, autumn gummy worms and bears, gummy pumpkins, white chocolate dunked sandwich cookies, caramel chocolate popcorn, jellybeans, and white chocolate pretzels.


This amazing Halloween candy basket houses the ultimate collection of scrumptious party treats. This Halloween sweets crate is bursting with Halloween spirit. From caramel apple flavored cotton candy and marshmallow pumpkins to black cat lollipops and white chocolate pretzel bark, there's bound to be a treat to tempt every sweet tooth in this crate.

Whether you're celebrating Halloween with a sensational party with family and friends or wishing loved ones a happy haunting from afar, a special Halloween gift basket from Olive & Cocoa is sure to add a touch of magic to this playful holiday that will be remembered for years to come. See our complete collection of Halloween Treats and make a lasting impression, today.