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New Olive & Cocoa Gifts

Are you looking for that unique gift for your "hard to buy for" friend or relative? Or maybe you're simply looking to spoil a special someone with well-deserved luxuries. You've come to the right place. This is where you can browse and discover all the amazing new Olive & Cocoa gifts we've added to our ever-expanding catalog.

At Olive & Cocoa, we're always on the lookout for tasteful and enchanting gift ideas. We add new products often, so make sure you check in to see what new and exciting gift ideas we've discovered to help you show your appreciation to the people you love, no matter the occasion.

Featured New Gifts

Frosty Birdhouse Wreath

Inimitable whimsy sets our Frosty Birdhouse Wreath apart from the crowd. Crafted of faux evergreen boughs topped with a plethora of birdhouses and Christmas trees, wreath has a frost covered finish for extra fun. Wreath measures approximately 23" in diameter and arrives adorned with a...

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Frosty Birdhouse Wreath

"Merry Christmas" Felt Pennant

Gorgeously crafted of felted wool in jolly old England, our “Merry Christmas" Felt Pennant welcomes the season with cheer. Hung on two lines of string that drape just right, each flag measures approximately 5" long and the banner measures approximately 34" long when fully...

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Vintage Holiday Puzzle & Treats

A timely puzzle paired with rich treats makes the holidays most special. Vintage Holiday Puzzle & Treats includes a gorgeous 1000 piece puzzle, hard candy ribbons, white chocolate pretzels, a dark chocolate tree, 2 peppermint tree lollipops, cocoa dusted almonds, cinnamon spice...

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Vintage Holiday Puzzle & Treats

Chateau Reindeer Hurricanes

A gilded scene comes to life with our Chateau Reindeer Hurricanes. Illuminated with your own candles or LED lights, hurricanes have a frosted crimson hue decorated with majestic reindeer and evergreen trees. Small hurricane measures 4" x 5", large hurricane measures 4" x 7", and the set...

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Chateau Reindeer Hurricanes