Florals Any Mother Figure Will Love:
How to Pick out the Perfect Flowers for Mother's Day

APRIL 2018

They've looked after you kindly and protectively. All of the mother figures who nurtured you through life with sound wisdom, a freshly baked cookie or a warm hug look forward to Mother's Day. In deciding on the perfect floral arrangement to thank them, here are a few helpful hints:

Farmhouse Fleur Trough
Rustic Charm:

A reusable clay potager leaves behind a lasting impression. She'll think of your appreciation when she places her own stems in it again and again, or turns it into a catchall that she uses daily! Another option with rustic charm is the loving, heartwarming palette of red, orange and yellow petals in a natural wooden trough. It's a floral that celebrates hearth and home, and she'll know how much her kindness has meant to you when she sees it on her kitchen counter or next to the fireplace.

Our suggestions: Farmhouse Fleur Trough or Planting Blooms

Luxuriant Orchid
An Artful Aesthetic with a Bold Structure:

If your mother figure has an eye for crisp lines and effortlessly chic color combinations, flowers that are uniquely grouped in distinctive, statement-making shapes for a perfectly sophisticated accent.

Our suggestions: Fleurette, Luxuriant Orchid

Vibrant Hues:

The best part of Spring is seeing the deep and bright colors that light up the garden! Cassis, raspberry, jewel tones and crème will reflect all that makes mom beautiful.

Our suggestions: Aurora, Claudette

Accents with Panache:

A uniquely shaped and finished metal potager brings variety and luster to a floral arrangement. Add to that sprays of unexpected, well-textured greenery, and it all creates a thoughtfully detailed gift that won't go unnoticed.

Our Suggestion: Pauline

Warm, Blissful Tones:

Special floral arrangements possess a sculptural quality that makes the blooms appear to burst from the soil, showing off purely effervescent colors. A floral that is a living art piece is among the most admired and eye-catching gifts.

Our Suggestions: Hannah, Maisie

Rare Blossoms:

Consider a choice that is special because of a seasonal bloom, available primarily in the Spring. Gathered at the perfect moment, it's a thoughtful detail that will delight just in time for Mother's Day.

Our Suggestions: Olivia Citrine, Emmeline

Be it your mother, grandmother, aunt, neighbor, teacher, a mentor or sister, she'll see your gratitude and appreciation with any of these stunning floral arrangements.