Succulent Care 101

One of our favorite houseplant varieties, succulents brighten up any room or patio with their fresh, exotic look. With just a little bit of care, succulents are easy to keep alive even for the brownest of thumbs. Learn how to care for these beauties with our five helpful tips.

Succulent Bunney



It can be easy to overdo it with watering, but not to fret--just remember the most important rule when it comes to succulents is "drinking with moderation." Use the thickness of the plant's leaves as guide; the thicker the leaves, the less water it needs. Watering about once a week is a good time frame to start with.



Make sure your succulents are potted in well draining soil. Succulent and cactus specific varieties can most likely be found at your local garden center. Check the soil every few days for dampness. When it feels almost completely dry, it's time to water. It's important that the soil almost completely dries between waterings. When watering, make sure to water just the soil and roots, and avoid getting the leaves wet as much as possible, as this can cause them to get soggy and rot.



Bring on the sunshine! These little lovelies need lots of light to grow and stay healthy. When keeping your succulents indoors, put them in a location where they'll receive bright light the majority of the day, such as a south facing window. If you choose to have your plants live outside, place them in a spot that gets morning light and bright shade in the afternoon. While they are very hardy plants and can stand very warm and cold temperatures, succulents can still get a sunburn in hot direct sunlight! If you notice your plants getting really tall with a lot of space between the leaves, this is a sign they're not getting enough light and need to be relocated to a sunnier place.



Just like we need to eat to survive, plants need to eat too! Since your succulent plants aren't growing in their natural habitat, they aren't able to absorb the all the nutrients they naturally need. Succulent food is pretty inexpensive, and goes a long way since you don't need to use too much. Some varieties only require one drop per gallon of water! Follow the instructions on the plant food's packaging to know how much to give your plants.



Don't forget your little plants need to breathe! Although you may have seen some gorgeous displays of succulents within closed terrariums, it's important that they receive a frequent circulation of fresh air. If you would like to display your plants within a terrarium, we recommend keeping it open often so they get enough air to thrive.