Rose & Succulent Birch Heart

Rose & Succulent Birch Heart (#30132)
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Pretty pink roses surround a flourishing succulent in a heart shaped birch potager for an unforgettable Valentine's message. Rose & Succulent Birch Heart measures approximately 7" x 7" x 5" to top of arrangement and requires next day shipping.
Rose & Succulent Birch Heart is a fresh cut floral arrangement.

- Carefully remove the cardboard inserts holding your flower arrangement in place then unpack.

- The arrangement is held in place by bindwire around the wooden box. You can cut this off as it is not needed anymore.

-Some of the outer guard petals may need to be removed from the flowers to remove any bruises and encourage new growth and beauty.

-Additionally, we use the freshest flowers available, so certain stems in the arrangement may not be fully bloomed when first received. Be patient-the new buds should show within a day or two!

-Flowers should be kept out of extreme hot or cold temperatures.

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