The Queen Bee is the mother of the hive, but that's not the only reason she resonates so strongly. This miracle of nature carries a fundamental feminine quality that salutes your own dear sister, mother or wife's status in the family.

A mother, like a queen bee, watches over the family to keep loved ones healthy. In nature, a queen bee knows all that goes on in the hive, and she encourages the bees to look after each other. The queen helps the other bees realize the importance of their role in the family. Mothers, aunts and grandmothers are also a source of direction for the home, and they keep a close eye on every member of the household, encourage the members of the household to understand and help each other, and work together the way a colony of bees would. As a result, the entire family is stronger and can accomplish more.

We wish all a Happy Mother's Day, and as a final tribute to all our Queen Bees, we toast you in the form of a delicious cocktail recipe: Queen Bee Punch. Enjoy!