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"I had such an easy nice experience. All 4 times that I have sent Olive &Cocoa I have gotten a meeting that will eventually turn into money in Sales for my company. The gift packages are so unique and beautifully presented...Thank you Olive & Cocoa!"
- Kristin
"We purchased several Edible gift items as VIP gifts for clients for the Holidays. All I can say is made us look GREAT! Our company slogan is "Presentation Matters" and as far as we are guys hit it out of the park for us!!!! From the box, ribbon, tissue, filler and goodies....IT WAS AMAZING!! The only thing that can top the amazing products is the customer support. Molly was incredible! Thanks so much for everything. We will SURELY recommend you to others!"
- Tracy

Customer Reviews

"I'm consistently impressed with Olive & Cocoa's high quality and beautifully presented gifts. We've ordered client holiday gifts and several floral arrangements, and have always received rave feedback from our friends."
- Pam

Customer Reviews

"Great quality of product and outstanding presentation! What's not to be delighted with?!!"
- Martha
"We have sent personalized crates to our clients for the past two Christmas seasons and they just love them! Your catalog is beautiful and unique."
- Melanee
"We loved the branded crate. It looks great! The goodies in the box were fantastic too! Thank you"
- Erica

The Best Corporate Holiday Gifts For Clients

Holiday gifting is a great way to show clients how much you appreciate their business, but choosing the best corporate holiday gifts for client in 2023 can be tricky. On one hand, thoughtfully selected holiday gifts for clients can really make you stand out and keep you on the top of clients' minds all year. On the other hand, hastily chosen holiday client gifts can leave them feeling disappointed or make no lasting impression at all! Choosing corporate holiday gifts can bring up a lot of questions and worries.

Fortunately, we can help guide you through the best client gifts of the year. Whether you're working in real estate, wellness, law, or another industry, this guide will provide you with the perfect unique client gifts for your business acquaintances.

Business Gifts Everyone is sure to find a snack to devour in our Tastes for Everyone crate.

Everyone is sure to find a snack to devour in our Tastes for Everyone crate.

1 | Food Gifts

Food gifts are always a great choice as a corporate holiday gift for a client because everyone eats! When beautiful, creative presents appear at your client's door, they are sure to be ecstatic. Corporate holiday food gifts can be filled with your client's favorite sweet or savory snacks and treats are received with delight. Let's not forget that holiday food gifts are easy to share, which makes them perfect for corporate holiday gifting and group gifting, especially our Tastes for Everyone crate, which has something for everyone! Of course, it's important to be mindful of dietary and religious sensitivities as well. That's why, at Olive & Cocoa, you'll find corporate holiday food gifts and holiday gift baskets for clients that fit most any diet. From healthful and certified kosher, we have a wide variety of food gifts that everyone will enjoy.

Business Gifts Lot's of Little Holiday Chocolates.

Lot's of Little Holiday Chocolates.

2 | Chocolate Gifts

One of the best holiday gifts for business partners or acquaintances is chocolate, especially our Lots of Little Holiday Chocolates collection. In fact, chocolate makes an elegant corporate holiday gift for clients as well. Olive & Cocoa chocolates include a collection of gourmet decadence crafted by skilled chocolatiers, sending a message of high-class and sophistication. At Olive & Cocoa, you can choose between holiday gift baskets for clients that are filled to the brim with sweet, decadent chocolates, drizzled rocky road popcorn, or varieties of sweet and crunchy snacks. So, if you're looking to make a strong impression, go ahead and send a holiday food gift of gourmet chocolate from Olive & Cocoa.

Business Gifts Felt Dove Ornament

Felt Dove Ornament


Before choosing any holiday gifts for clients, consider the relationship you have with each of them. You can always share a symbol of peace, such as our Felt Dove Ornament, to send a message of well wishes. Another holiday client gift idea are our Twinkling Bottle Lights, which illuminate the holidays in style. Holiday decorations are perennial gifts that can be put away and brought out year after year, so they make great an excellent pick for clients you want to keep around.

Business Gifts Personalized Holiday Tray.

Personalized Holiday Tray.

4 | Personalized Gifts

Personalized or monogrammed gifts are elegant and a creative holiday gift idea for clients, including a personalized holiday tray that everyone will love. What's more, personalized holiday gifts for clients are more likely to become frequently used items. Personalized client holiday gifts are especially appropriate for business acquaintances you've become close with, or those who have recently achieved a personal milestone such as marriage or buying a new home. At Olive & Cocoa, we offer everything from personalized wine stoppers to name trays. You will be sure to find the perfect monogrammed holiday gift in our personalized gifts collection. Be sure to order all monogrammed holiday gifts early, as most require 7 to 10 business days to create.

Business Gifts Bianca Grace: Gracefully evoking a feeling of serenity.

Bianca Grace: Gracefully evoking a feeling of serenity.

5 | Floral Gifts

If personalized gifts or holiday decorations are less-than-comfortable for your relationship with a client, we have the perfect solution for you! Our floral arrangements make a great alternative to the traditional holiday gift baskets for clients. What's more, Olive & Cocoa florals arrive expertly-arranged and ready for display, so your client won't have to look for a vase or manipulate the stems. Choose from bright flower arrangements such as Farmhouse Fleur, elegant white flower arrangements such as Bianca Grace, or browse our holiday collection for a floral arrangement with a merry touch. Everyone enjoys beautifying their space, so a floral arrangement is sure to make a great impression as a corporate holiday gift for clients.

Business Gifts Bring lasting beauty and calm to any setting with the Urban Oasis Succulent.

Bring lasting beauty and calm to any setting with the Lush Succulent Garden.

6 | Succulent Gardens

If you'd like to send your client a corporate holiday gift that lasts, succulents are a great choice including our Lush Succulent Garden. These hardy, easy-to-care-for plants are a favorite among many. When properly cared for, succulents will stay beautiful and verdant for years to come. Some of these elegant greens will even flower in the spring! What's more, at Olive & Cocoa, you'll find beautiful, home-grown succulent gardens in unique potagers, meaning our unique Christmas gifts for clients will be anything but ordinary. Whether you're looking for a succulent holiday gift for clients with a modern touch, or plants in a classic gold-tone vessel for the holidays, you'll find the perfect living corporate holiday gifts in our succulents and plants collection.

Business Gifts

Sending your clients a thoughtful holiday gift is a great way to show them how much you value their business, keeping them coming back year after year. At Olive & Cocoa, we want to make sure you choose the perfect corporate holiday gift for your clients. Follow our guide and you're sure to impress with some of the most creative holiday gift ideas for clients this year. Shop our holiday gifting collection today.

If you have any questions about our best corporate holiday gifts for clients or any of our other products, contact us today.

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