Business Gifting 101

When sent with thoughtfulness and sincerity, a unique gift creates a meaningful connection between your company and those that make your business better. Learn how to create an effective corporate gifting program with our expert advice.

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Business Gifting 101: Olive & Cocoa

The Importance of Business Gifting

By expressing gratitude through gifting, your company leaves a lasting impression long after the gift has been enjoyed. Corporate gifting is a valuable tool for any business to show recognition, encourage growth and inspire motivation while keeping your company top of mind.

Who to Gift

Whether thanking clients for their business, vendors and service providers for their partnership, or to celebrate an employee's professional milestone, groups and individuals that contribute to the success and growth of your company are the perfect recipients for business gifts.

How To Choose The Right Business Gift

Just like a personal gift, a business gift should be thoughtfully selected. Tailoring your choices based on the interests and personality of the recipients will show authenticity, and make a lasting impression. When sending a gift to a group of people, be sure to select an item that can be shared. When gifting to another business, be sure to check their policy on gifting and any restrictions. Most importantly, always be mindful of any religious and dietary sensitivities.

When to Send A Business Gift

The reasons to give a business gift are quite vast. The opportunities include client thank you's, take-aways for corporate meetings and events, congratulations for an employee's recent promotion or anniversary with the company, birthdays, weddings, new babies, holiday season gifting and much more. Any success is a reason to celebrate!

Creating a Budget

As part of your corporate gifting program, a monthly or yearly budget should be established. Set an amount for what you can afford, then use that figure as the framework for your gifting program. A popular gifting framework is a tiered method, with low, mid and high price point categories for gifts. Create your recipient list, then sort each in to one of these categories based on the dollar amount you feel is appropriate to spend on them.

A Personalized Touch

Go the extra mile and send a gift with a personalized touch. A customized gift sets your company apart and always makes a grand entrance. With our Custom Logo Hot Iron Branding service, you can beautifully showcase your logo on the wood of our hand crafted wood crates to serve as a reminder of your company to clients throughout the year.