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Customer Reviews

"I'm consistently impressed with Olive & Cocoa's high quality and beautifully presented gifts. We've ordered client holiday gifts and several floral arrangements, and have always received rave feedback from our friends."
- Pam

When to Send a Business Gift

Here at Olive & Cocoa we are often asked about the appropriate occasions, sentiments and product selections for business gifts. While there is no one answer that fits every customer, we're here to help. As a starting point, here are some examples of business gifting occasions and suggested items that will uniquely and appropriately thank, acknowledge or reward your recipients. Whatever the program, occasion, budget or purpose, we can work wtih you to select, design and send those "just right" gifts year round!

Thank You Programs & Customer Appreciation Gifts

  1. A law firm sends our beautiful Orange Apothecary Bath Crate as a thank you gift to all of their referring clients at the end of every quarter.
  2. An event planner sends our unique Farmhouse Fleur floral arrangements to thank her vendors after each event.
  3. A marketing consulting company sends a custom branded crate of edibles packaged together with its own marketing materials to client prospects on a monthly basis.
  4. A dentist's office thanks patients for their referrals by sending a custom designed crate of healthy edibles.
  5. A wedding planning business sends crates of our Delancy Champagne Flutes to thank each of their caterers for a job well done.
  6. An executive sends her assistant a custom branded crate with an exquisite crystal paperweight thanking him for all he does.
  7. A project manager in a large construction company delivers our Farmhouse Gourmet Pantry crates to the company's top clients to express appreciation for a great year.
  8. A real estate agent sends our Le Coeur heart-shaped red rose arrangement to increase sales, gain new customers and say "thank you."

Gift with Purchase Programs

  1. A medical spa offers its customers a $50 Olive & Cocoa gift certificate for an appointment that is paid at time of booking.
  2. An Inc. 500 company offers Olive & Cocoa gift certificates when a customer purchases two or more software programs.
  3. A premier hotel offers an Olive & Cocoa Gourmet Popcorn Crate for every 4+ night accommodation booked.
  4. A wireless company offers our Tastes for Everyone crate to customers who add an additional line to an existing agreement.
  5. A premium automobile dealer offers a custom crate including branded merchandise with every new car purchased.
  6. An upscale spa gives their members a Lotus Bloom Kimono with every $200 purchase.
  7. A sports arena offers a free custom premium crate with purchase of season tickets.
  8. A magazine publisher offers a free Olive & Cocoa French Burlap Tote Bag for every 2 year subscription.

New Product Launches

  1. A real estate investment company sends Succulent Frog from Olive & Cocoa to targeted brokers to announce the launch of a "green" real estate project.
  2. A nationwide cell service company offers the first 50 customers at each retail location a custom crate branded with the company's logo and filled with goodies.
  3. A software company launches a new operating program and offers the first 100 people to download the program a free Olive & Cocoa gift crate.
  4. An upscale appliance manufacturer introduces a new refrigerator and includes Olive & Cocoa's Farmhouse Gourmet Pantry crate with every unit sold.
  5. A new high-end salon opens and entices new customers with a free Olive & Cocoa spa crate with every cut & color sold within the first week.

Customer Service Programs

  1. A national restaurant chain creates a Service Recovery Program for their catering division. When they have a service issue, they send the customer an Olive & Cocoa floral arrangement as a special way to say, "We're sorry; you are important to us."
  2. A premier hotel chain uses Olive & Cocoa exclusively for their customer service program.
    1. Performance Recognition Programs

      1. A loan officer exceeds her annual quota by 50%. To say congratulations and thank you, her company sends her an Olive & Cocoa floral arrangement along with two tickets to Hawaii.
      2. A world wide retail chain sends Olive & Cocoa treat crates to each of its stores to thank employees for their hard work during the holiday season.
      3. A large food distributor hosts an executive retreat and leaves an Olive & Cocoa food crate with the next day's agenda in each executive's hotel room.

      Life Celebrations at Work & Employee Recognition Programs

      1. Companies large and small show respect and appreciation for their employees by recognizing new babies, marriages, promotions, birthdays, retirement, and family loss with an assortment of tasteful, appropriate flower arrangements and gifts.

      Meetings & Conventions

      1. A technology company has a three day, 1,000 visitor convention and Olive & Cocoa provides the floral arrangements.
      2. A film company sends an edible crate to each member of the cast and crew on the first day of shooting to thank them and welcome them to the production.
      3. A company works regularly with Olive & Cocoa to provide floral arrangements for its annual dinners, board meetings and sales conferences.