Dreamy Rum Treacle Cocktail: Olive & Cocoa

Fall Cocktails: Dreamy Rum Treacle


When the leaves turn gold and you feel a nip in the air, this delightful mix of fruit and spices is an ideal companion to fireside stories and harvesttime gatherings.


2 1/2 parts golden siping rum*
1/4 part treacle sugar syrup
1 part freshly pressed apple juice or cider
2 dashes orange bitters

*We suggest a sweet variety with hints of vanilla, fruit & nutmeg.

GARNISH (optional)

Apple slices, fanned


Build all ingredients exept apple juice over rocks until perfectly diluted. Float apple juice on top by gently pouring over the back of a spoon, with tip of spoon against inside edge of glass. Garnish with an apple fan if desired.

Olive & Cocoa