Easter Decor 2020: How To Beautifully Spring Up Your Home

Easter is about transitioning from the cold winter months and welcoming the freshness of spring. Replacing the deep sensual colors of winter décor with bright pastels and cheerful characters (like baby bunnies) is a happy occasion we look forward to! But how do you embrace the light jubilee of Easter décor without sacrificing elegance? After all, sometimes the occasion calls for decorations more sophisticated than plastic eggs and paper grass. Our holiday design experts share 5 of their favorite Easter decorations that are sure to add a festive yet classy touch to your home.

Olive & Cocoa Signature

Abigail Garden

Inspired by European garden design, this unique floral arrangement features seven rows of delicate spring blossoms nestled in a dark stained wood box. Bright, seasonal blooms in shades of lilac, lemon, and soft blue gives a feeling of walking through a serene garden in Europe's lush countryside.

Luxe Lapin Set

Consider trading the whimsical sweet-faced bunnies of traditional Easter décor for a contemporary but festive Lapin silhouette. Our metallic hares celebrate the coming of spring with a note of sophistication. Whether perfectly poised in the entryway or added to a table display, these cheerful, understated characters make unique home accent pieces.

Sir Bunnington

Stately design meets functionality with this festive bunny sculpture. Sir Bunnington graciously awaits guests with a sculpted bowl for holding Easter treats, miniature eggs, or practical items such as keys or bars of fresh-scented soap.

Egg and Fleur Wreath

A delightful gathering of leafy greens and blue speckled eggs bursts forth to welcome guests with a promise of new beginnings. Egg and Fleur wreath bear the cheerful tokens of Easter with sophisticated charm.

Blossom Bunny Pillow

Add a splash of spring to your living room sofa with this adorably artistic image of a woodland bunny against a plush mint backdrop and edged with playful orange poms. Imbued with the cheerful spirit of the season, this Easter bunny pillow is as charming as it is elegant.