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"Not only is this arrangement unique, outstanding and will earn YOU rave reviews (as it did for me when I sent it to thank a friend) -- but Olive & Cocoa offer incredible service -- personal, caring and prompt! They go the MAJOR extra mile and their service (not to mention their beautiful products) is worth every penny. This is now my go-to way to thank a friend, celebrate a mother-in-law and generally give people I care about a special something when I cannot be there in person."
- Deb C.

How to Host A Spring Equinox
Luncheon for Your Nearest & Dearest

With night and day balanced, the spring (vernal) equinox is a glorious time of promise. Just as farmers head to the fields to plant, a small gathering of sisters over a spring-themed luncheon is perfect for planting seeds of joy. To complement foods symbolic of the spring equinox, we've curated a few of our favorite serving pieces that are bright and cheery-just like spring.

Set the Scene:

Artful Cottage Vases

Colorful and adorably whimsical, this set of four vases welcomes all to your table. Filled with freshly cut sprigs of lemongrass and shoots of spearmint, each unique Artful Cottage Vase will enliven the table while invigorating guests; if desired, hearty clusters of aromatic lavender buds could be used to create a relaxing aura.

Quench Their Thirst:

Prairie Rose Farmhouse Pitcher

Assembled guests will be ready for refreshment, making our delightful, 72 ounce Prairie Rose Farmhouse Pitcher a must-have. Consider serving springtime favorites, such as aromatic jasmine iced tea that is spring staple due to its sumptuous aroma and uplifting properties. You may also surprise your guests by serving light and sweet wine-long a spring go-to in a myriad of cultures-out of this festive pitcher should your group prefer a spirited beverage.

Eggs all Around:

Vin Noir Lazy Susan

Colored, deviled, Scotched or made into a delightful salad, eggs are a must because they symbolize rebirth and renewal. However you prepare them, our 16-inch rustic Vin Noir Lazy Susan will simplify sharing. Made from reclaimed wine barrels, the piece will perfectly complement gathered herbs and other spring décor.

The Sweetest Finish:

Bugs & Brambles Plate Set

Egg-heavy pastries, such as custard tartlets and hot cross buns, have long been spring favorites as fruit and butter were historically limited during the equinox. Your favorite bite-sized desserts will make them all smile on our equally petite and adorable Bugs & Bramble Plates that echo spring's sweetness.