You've Been Boo'd!

A Halloween How-To

Olive & Cocoa

A Halloween Tradition

  • Treat Table Boo Bucket

    Each October, a tradition begins in many neighborhoods across the country. Bringing friendly autumn fun to the whole neighborhood, families participate in a secret gift giving game called "You've Been BOO'd!". Similar to a "Secret Santa" gift exchange, the tradition begins with sharable treats and a spooky letter delivered anonymously in the dark of night. A simple neighborly gesture, the Halloween gift of a "BOO" spreads Halloween spirit and creates an activity the whole family can enjoy together. Have fun throughout the whole month as you watch the tradition spread from home to home.

  • How to "Boo"

  • To start the tradition in your neighborhood, select two families you'd like to "Boo". Then, prepare two sets of sharable Halloween treats, one for each family. Our BOO FELT BUCKETS & TREATS do the trick, filled to the brim and ready to go! Print out two copies of our "You've Been BOO'd" letter here, or create your own frightful poem. Make sure not to sign your names--you don't want to give away the surprise! Attach the letter to the treats. When night falls, gather the family together and head out to deliver the baskets. If you'd like, everyone can dress up in dark clothes to feel even more sneaky. At each house, be as quiet as can be, and leave the goodies on the porch. Ring the doorbell and RUN!

  • Watch The Spirit Spread

  • Bottom Boo Bucket

    After they discover and enjoy the treats, the two families you "BOO'd" will then take their turn to pass on the fun. As the letter instructs, they'll attach the "We've been BOO'd" sign to their door to show they've already received a delivery. Then, they'll each deliver a set of goodies to two more families and the Halloween spirit will spread. Watch through the following weeks as "BOO's" signs start to mysteriously appear door by door and fill the entire neighborhood with friendship and Halloween spirit.