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From Kickoff to Touchdown:

Must Have Supplies for Tailgating Season

Bring an unrivaled artful home game touch to every tailgate party, youth football game and road trip this season. This lineup of game day all-stars is guaranteed to make travel, team spirit and recharging more convenient.

The Muscle:
The Griffin Duffel

Ruggedly handsome, Griffin's already traveled the world once, as his robust frame is constructed of upcycled truck tarps and military tents. Anyone with a thirst for adventure can pack essentials from equipment to food, which will be kept secure. This duffel bag is perfect for your favorite road warrior, or as a gift to your intrepid out-of-state college student.

Hold the Line:
The Game Day Throw

This rough-and-tumble blocker will see you through every grassy sideline, every bleacher and tailgate from city parks to college bowls and pro divisions. Cheer on knowing that this plaid trooper adds comfort to any surface, and that the eco-friendly material is durable enough for years of game day comradery.

Beat the Heat:
Creekside Raffia Hat

This teammate will spread offense on those hot, early-season turf days. This raffia hat will shield your head from the heat, keeping your complexion (and game day spirit) stylish in the shade. You'll have the stamina to grill, cheer, and mingle all day.

Run Defense on Cravings:
The Tailgate Crate

A welcome surprise to your sports fans at college, or a thoughtful set of treats for away-game road trips, this crate is a one-stop cornucopia! A football shaped bottle opener keeps the cold drinks coming, and they'll be needed with the peppery kick of the trail mix, artisan salami, and spicy crackers. There's plenty in there for a sweet tooth as well, meaning there's no need for a trip to the concessions stand!

Game Night Lights:
Sunset Grilling Set

The LED lights in these tongs light the way when grilling in the dark. You'll always know if it's medium or rare at those late-night victory celebrations, because these LEDs are specially made to mimic the sunlight. Use your own tried-and-true grilling recipes, or if you're seeking some variety, we have our Best Summer Burger Recipes for home or the road. There's also a delicious spice blend included in our Sunset Grilling Set, so that on the go you always have some flavor ready. Our mess-ready towel depicts that old summer grill that reminds us of family celebrations past, present and future.

Devil's Acre Cocktail Set

Whether you're cheering on the sidelines, coaching a youth league, or following your favorite major and minor league teams on the road, you're keeping the tradition alive with your loved ones. These artful additions masterfully take the work out, and make it a special occasion for all.