How To Decline an RSVP: A Guide To Holiday Party Etiquette

The holidays brim with togetherness-and packed schedules. Declining an RSVP in advance of the host's deadline is de rigueur, however regrets with a kind gesture sends warm wishes and cements your place on future guest lists.

Because hosts and hostesses pore over every detail, we've found five splendidly unexpected ways to delight in your absence:

A Daily Reminder

Send a surprise that reminds daily of your thoughtfulness. Each side of our Four Seasons Wreath is made of freshly hand-cut foliage that embodies a season and will artfully dry for year-round display

Winter Whimsy

A petite and playful holiday accent is a wonderful accompaniment to holiday regrets. Radiating with nostalgia, one of our new favorites is a playful Lighted Silver Truck Ornament, which features a light-up, snow-dusted tree gracing a vintage trucklet.

A Personal Indulgence

Opening a home for celebration is wonderfully busy. If declining, a warm gesture for the harried host is appreciated. Our Cozy Reindeer Cocoa Set-with moose spoons and gourmet dark chocolate cocoa mix-makes for a perfect time out.

Candy-coated Regrets

A perfectly timed token of gratitude spreads cheer when you are unable to. Our Snowy Peppermint Sweets overflows with wonderfully bold treats your host may share with guests.

Send a Guest Instead

Floral arrangements are wonderful stand-ins, spurring conversation and lending grace after the party. We find the pairing of chartreuse, crimson and eggplant blossoms with berries, pomegranates and pinecones in our Noelle arrangement makes for a stunning seasonal statement.