Raise Your Glass:
How to Craft the Perfect New Year's Eve Toast

Giving a New Year's Eve Toast is an honor. Beyond setting the mood, the toast is essentially the very first present of the New Year that you will give!

Keeping that in mind, here are a few tips for crafting the perfect toast:

Start with the Tie that Binds

Consider beginning with an amusing and appropriate story, such as a family event. This helps everyone connect to your toast in a meaningful way. If you are not the host, consider focusing on an endearingly unique trait that makes the host cherished among his or her family and friends.

Star Toast Tip: It is perfectly natural to have a twinge of nervousness before speaking publically. Harness this energy by scanning the room. Make a note of the attendees and begin by thanking those who travelled far distances to celebrate.

Brevity is Best

If hosting, many will look to you to kick off toasting while everyone is gathered around hors d'oeuvres or about to enjoy the evening's main course. Expressing gratitude to your attendees and extending wishes for a prosperous New Year casts a splendid aura over the event.

As a guest, it is best to wait until the dessert course to deliver sincere sentiments-unless your host makes a specific request. If possible, find out from your host prior to the New Year's Eve party if there are any special events surrounding your toast. This step helps tailor the toast to the event's timeframe.

Star Toast Tip: Brevity is best. If the New Year's Eve celebration is tied to an event of remarkable significance, such as a wedding, limit your toast to three minutes.

Finishing Touches

Coupe in hand, take the stage or rise from your seat to deliver your toast. If delivering an impromptu toast while seated around the table and unable to reach everyone's glass, it is perfectly acceptable to raise your glass toward the center of the table as an inclusive gesture.

Star Toast Tip: A kind gaze and a steady pace are perfect for delivering the toast. While some prefer to speak as the moment moves them, others may wish to prepare and practice a bit ahead of time.

Salud and Happy New Year's!