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Floral Gifts and Flower Delivery

Beautiful flower arrangements make wonderful gifts for any occasion. Whether you're surprising them for a holiday or their birthday, congratulating them on a life event, giving thanks, or sympathy, floral arrangements of all kinds are the perfect way to say it all. Flowers add vibrance and color to any space, and they're always received with joy. We send flower arrangements with the freshest blooms to that special someone, delivered across town or across the nation, with overnight shipping.

At Olive & Cocoa, we've put together a great variety of unique floral arrangements for you to choose from, providing the best flower delivery experience online. Whether you're looking for bright florals or verdant succulents, you're sure to find the perfect floral gift for your friends, family members, or professional associates in our live flower arrangement shop.

We're continually updating our expanding catalog of box flower arrangements, food gifts, and home décor for delivery, so be sure to check back regularly to see what new and simply unique floral arrangements we've designed for you. All of our floral delivery gifts are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Featured Flower Arrangements & Succulent Gifts

Sierra Birch Trough

Rich with the tones of a woodland grove, this sculpturally crafted bouquet is a work of botanical art. Presented in a rustic birch bark trough, Sierra Birch Trough measures approximately 13" x 6" x 8" to top of arrangement and requires next day shipping.

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Sierra Birch Trough


A serene gathering, white and crème blooms are a gift of grace. Artfully arranged in a dark stained hand crafted wood box and accented with softened silver foliage and textured botanicals, Angelica measures approximately 8" x 5" x 8" to top of arrangement. Requires next day...

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Merry Garden

A holiday homage to Europe's sprawling estates, Merry Garden features splendidly tiered rows of majestic blossoms, lively shrubbery, and lush foliage. Artfully arranged in a dark stained wood box, Merry Garden measures approximately 10" x 10" x 7" to top of arrangement and requires...

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Merry Garden

Plant Of The Month Club

Ideal for displaying in the office or adding to your own collection, our brand new Plant of the Month Club brings the season's freshest succulents, foliage, and planted bulbs right to your door. A unique subscription service, our Plant of the Month Club features arrangements created...

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Plant Of The Month Club

From the Blog

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing an Online Flower Delivery Service

Sending flowers is a great way to show your loved ones you care, even if you can't be near them. Their beauty and sweet fragrance appropriately express a wide range of sentiment--love, friendship, sympathy, or an apology--and since there are so many delivery services available online, it's easier than ever to send a loved one a gathering of cheerful blooms. Choosing the right online florist is an important part of making sure the flowers you send convey the right message. Our floral experts share 3 important factors to consider when looking for a flower delivery service.

3 Things to Keep in Mind
When Choosing an Online Flower Delivery Service


Most online florists deliver bouquets wrapped in paper or plastic to keep the stems bound together during transport. It's assumed that the recipient will have access to a proper vase and the right amount of water-to-food ratio for lasting freshness. If you're not sure whether the friend or family member you're sending flowers to will have an adequate vase on hand, consider sending a floral arrangement that comes prearranged in a reusable container with the proper liquid and plant food already added. Show your loved ones that you went the extra mile in choosing a service that sends arrangements ready for display--straight from the box.

Satisfaction Guarantee

There are few things more disheartening than sending flowers to a friend only to find out they arrived in poor condition. When choosing an online florist, make sure they guarantee the freshness of their flowers for longer than 24 hours. No one wants to send flowers that quickly wilt after arrival. Olive & Cocoa guarantees the freshness of their flower arrangements for 72 hours after delivery. Although, due to the quality of the flowers we send and the special plant food mixture each stem is placed in from the time they are cut, most of our customers report their flowers living well beyond 72 hours.

Delivery Options

When sending flowers, time is of the essence. Ask the flower delivery service you choose for an approximate arrival time. If they aren't sure or they tell you delivery will be longer than a few hours, re-think your choice of delivery service. Flower arrangements can stay fresh and lively overnight when carefully packed in a suitable transport box. However, if left in a box for more than 12 hours, or if they are not carefully packaged, the blossoms will arrive bruised or wilted. Olive & Cocoa guarantees your flowers will be carefully boxed and shipped overnight so they arrive looking as beautiful and fresh as the moment they are cut.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will my floral arrangement look like when it is delivered?

Your arrangement from Olive & Cocoa will arrive perfectly ready for display! We hand build and design each arrangement so that the lucky recipient doesn't have to. We also offer a 100% guarantee that your floral arrangement will be delivered looking fresh, beautiful and will last for a minimum of 3 days.

Where am I able to ship an Olive & Cocoa floral arrangement?

We can ship our beautiful floral arrangements and succulents anywhere in the continental 48 states that offers express shipping.

How do you ship the floral arrangements and succulents?

Our custom floral arrangements are packaged with the utmost care and shipped via overnight delivery to ensure fresh arrival. Succulents ship via 2 Day delivery.

Are the flowers real or artificial?

All of our floral arrangements are made with fresh, live flowers.