How To Host And Have An Easy Easter Brunch Without The Fuss

Take to the patio and host an easy Easter brunch al fresco!

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How to Host a No-Fuss Easter Brunch

What's On The Menu

We love easy Easter classics and finger foods such as spicy deviled eggs, lemon blueberry scones, mini cinnamon buns, quiche with ham and goat cheese (pre-bought crust of course), and a salad of mixed greens with spring vegetables and champagne vinaigrette. The best part of this menu is all of the dishes can be made the day before. Why spend Easter Sunday tucked away in the kitchen when you could be out celebrating?

How to Host a No-Fuss Easter Brunch

Mix It Up

With Mimosas and Bloody Marys of course! These brunch classics are super easy to make and even easier to serve. Set up a "Make Your Own Mimosa or Mary" bar and let guests mix their own, with bubbles and spirits chilling in an ice filled bucket, carafes of orange juice, a punch bowl of pre-made Bloody Mary mix, and little bowls of garnishes. Take a look at our ideas for unique Bloody Mary garnishes here!

How to Host a No-Fuss Easter Brunch

A Spring Tablescape

A simple gathering of fresh flowers or succulents it just the right touch and brings a bit of freshness to the tabletop. Tulips and hyacinth are spring classics that will be in season, and arrangements with their bright sunny hues will give the table a pop of color. Be sure to keep the centerpiece low, so guests can see each other across the table.

How to Host a No-Fuss Easter Brunch

Fun For The Kids

Keep the little ones busy with activities they can do while the adults socialize. Set up a craft table with a few coloring sheets and crayons, or plastic eggs that they can decorate with bits of fabric, feathers, pompoms and other embellishments. An old-fashioned Easter egg hunt is always a hit too! Elect an older child or teen to hide the eggs around the yard and supervise the activity so the adults are free to tend to cocktails and conversation.