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Spooky Vintage Bottle Candelabra

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Flickering candlelight, drips of black wax and a thin veil of smoke make a mysteriously chic surrounding. Nested in a sleek wood caddy, ten antique style glass bottles with varying sizes of openings house unique black and striped taper candles that drip when burned, giving the Candelabra a spooky look. Caddy measures 24" x 5" x 12" to top of bottles and comes packaged along with eight black 12" tapers and two striped 10" tapers in Olive & Cocoa® gift wrap with ribbon. Minor assembly required.

Spooky Vintage Bottle Candelabra Includes
- 1 Wood Caddy
- 2 Striped Tapers
- 8 Black Tapers
- 1 Instruction Card
- Olive & Cocoa® Gift Wrap with Satin Ribbon

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