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Customer Reviews

"I sent these as Valentine Day gifts to my two lovely nieces and sister with a note that when the world is not in lock-down we will take our locks to Paris together and lock our love for each other on the bridge. They were ecstatic as was I. Thank you!"
-Michelle W.
"Your customer service is superb, the presentation is amazing and I have never been disappointed.  You selection of gifts is so unique, I love shopping with you!"
-Joanne C.
"I first came across O&C when my grandmother sent packages to my young children. Now that she has passed, O&C immediately came to mind when I wanted to do something extra special during Valentine's Day in an especially difficult year (pandemic). My children were so excited by the "cool!" box and went nuts when they saw all the brightly colored (and delicious) treats. Thanks for the great quality, the incredible packaging, and the pure joy."
-Niiki V.
"I bought 3 sets for very special friends for Valentines Day, just a way to let them know how special they are. They were a BIG hit! They absolutely loved them and I love sending gifts from you, the presentation is amazing! Thank you"
-Joseph R.
"I sent this to my grandson for his first Valentines Day. Although he is only three months old, he already loves to snuggle the bear and his parents were thrilled with the set."
-Cheryl M.
"I gifted these to my stylish 25-year-old daughter for Valentine's Day. Big win, they are soft and warm and very pretty! We love them."
-Terri M.
"Sent this to my freshman daughter for a Valentine's Day gift. She is all the way across the country in California. She enjoyed the treats that made her feel special!! ❤️"
-Katie H.
"I sent this to my husband for Valentine's Day and asked him to share with his office staff - everyone loved it!!!!"
-Joanna M.
"My husband bought me this for Valentine's Day and I love love love it! So unique, And romantic!!"
-Pam W.
"We sent this as a gift to my father-in-law, and it was a huge hit! They loved all the goodies inside and most surprisingly was their admiration for the crate it came in. They are planning on using it for a house decoration. Thank you for making a product so unique and tailored to those with exquisite taste!"
-Sarah W.
"I bought these for my daughter for Valentines day! She absolutely loves them!! She also raved about the wooden crate that they came in too. Darling and unique gift, I highly recommend!!!"
-Kelly D.
"My mama ALWAYS has on her lipstick...even at 91 years old! Her favorite food group is chocolate, so when I saw these chocolate lips in bright red foil, I knew I had found her Valentines gift! She said they were delicious and so much fun to see when she opened her signature Olive & Cocoa crate! Thank you for providing delightful gifts to choose from!"
-Deb R.
"It was a sweet surprise to gift this to a dear friend as my Valentine to her. Beautifully constructed with a flair and usefulness not many other gifts could claim. Something to remind her of love and being cherished my heart to hers. Wonderful!"
-Barbara V.
"It was a sweet surprise to gift this to a dear friend as my Valentine to her. Beautifully constructed with a flair and usefulness not many other gifts could claim. Something to remind her of love and being cherished my heart to hers. Wonderful!"
-Catherine F.
"She was very touched by the gift, saying that most of the time people don't celebrate Valentine's Day. Living in Texas she felt like she would get lots of use from these socks, and they are so cute too! "
-Robyn F.
"YOU are the best. My daughters loved their Valentine's gift...Absolutely beautiful, yummy, and special! "
-Anson F.
"My friend loved the whole experience! Thank you for creating such unique gifts."
-Linda M.

From Your Heart to Theirs:
Bold Heart Décor They'll Adore


This Valentine's Day, use décor to make a declaration of love that is awe-inspiring! We've selected six of our most brilliantly bold hearts to help turn home or office décor into a unique statement of devotion.


Our spectacularly grand Iron Heart Wall Art is a sight to behold! Its subtly dimpled bronze-tone iron is as unbreakable as your promise. Hung on your mantle or near the dining table, there will be no doubt that this home embraces love.


Adoration for homes of the past is preserved in the reclaimed millwork of our wooden heart and crown duo. Intricate and pleasing details of textiles, wallpaper, and maybe even part a beloved child's drawing invite a closer glance of our Love Reigns Wall Art. A piece regally balancing artisanal whimsy with historical appreciation, it's sure to be the soul of your home.


In the Parisian tradition of Le Pont Des Arts, the famous bridge where couples vow their undying love, turn the key on a special moment that you can re-live each time your eye glimpses our Parisian Love Lock! Whether securing the gate of your shared home or a chest of treasured memories, it's antiqued cast iron will faithfully guard your devotion forever.


Natural teak has been gathered and artfully arranged piece-by-piece into our Driftwood Heart to tell the story of your exclusive journey together. This heart sculpture's wooden segments have traveled oceans and maintained a timeless beauty, reminding of constant unwavering affection.


The deep velvet red blooms share your passion for the recipient of this bold, heart-shaped floral arrangement, while dusty pink reminds that they're the sole focus of your admiration. If you have yet to declare your feelings, Jolie Le Coeur or "lovely heart" will say it with certainty

-Love on the run? This unique accessory reminds that your love has them covered:


Your bright red l'amour is there rain or shine! Our Cover My Heart Umbrella is big enough to share for singing in the rain and jumping in puddles, or on a sunny picnic with your best friend. It's a bit of your heart for all to see while on the go!

These daring and fashionable heart-shaped pieces are sure to bring a message of true and faithful devotion to friends, family or your starry-eyed lover. Let your décor and accessories speak of your unique love for them!