Gratitude With Grace:

How to Write a Thank You Card

Graciousness never goes out of style. In this day and age where a quick e-mail is usually the answer, writing a meaningful thank you card goes the extra mile in showing your sincere appreciation. Learn how to write the perfect thank you note with these expert tips and express your appreciation with gratitude and grace.

Thank You Card


When to Send

Always! Even if the gift, act of service, or kind gesture you've received is small, it shouldn't go unnoticed. Your thoughtfulness will speak volumes, and show the recipient you truly appreciate the thought, time and generosity they sent your way.


Start with the specifics

Starting with the "W's" is a great place to begin laying out all the details and creating a framework of what to say in your note. Ask yourself these questions as a guideline:

Who are you going to thank? Perhaps it was a wonderful host or a friend that gave you a birthday gift.

What did they do or give? They invited you to a holiday dinner party or gave you a scarf you'd had your eye on for weeks.

When did they do this? Over the holidays, on Friday, or even last year (It's never too late to say thanks!)

Where did they do this? At their home, or at your birthday party.

Why did they do this? To share an evening of holiday cheer, or to celebrate your birthday.


A proper greeting

Now that you've identified all the details, you can begin your letter. Start the note out with a kind salutation or greeting using their proper name, such as "Dear Mrs. Nelson" or "Dear Nicole".


Say thank you

Using the details from the answers to your "W" questions, you can now write a proper thank you. Start by thanking them for the specific item or service you received (WHAT), and include the date (WHEN) and location (WHERE). For example, "Thank you so much for inviting us to your holiday dinner party at your home last Friday."


Speak sincerely

Next, write a sincere sentiment about how much the gesture or gift meant to you. Don't worry about being too proper. Be sure to speak from the heart, and let your personality shine! Stuck on what to write? Here are a few of our favorite phrases to help get you going:

"Your incredible thoughtfulness won't be forgotten!"

"You're an absolute life saver -- what would I do without you?!"

"Your love and support mean the world to me."

"I must be the luckiest to have a friend as thoughtful as you!"

"I really appreciate the gorgeous birthday gift. You know my style the best!"


The closing

Use a proper closing sentiment, such as "Sincerely", "Warmest," or "Love", then sign your name. When you're done, send off the note in the mail, or include it with a lovely gift to show extra thanks.