The elegant tradition of afternoon tea is a most sophisticated way to celebrate the bride to be. We'll show you how to host a memorable flower themed high tea bridal shower complete with decorating ideas, sweet treat suggestions, unique little details and more.

A Bit of History

Traditionally in Britain, tea is served from four or five o'clock 'til no later than seven. In most modern tea rooms, tea is held from three to five o'clock. Three courses are usually served with "Savories" such as tiny sandwiches or appetizers first, "Scones" with jam or cream second, and "Pastries" such as cakes, cookies, shortbreads and sweets last. For a bridal shower, hosting a luncheon or afternoon tea is ideal.

Décor & Favors

For elegant and effortless décor, use the bride's favorite flower as inspiration. We created a simple and sophisticated centerpiece using our Dainty Champagne Flutes as bud vases. Simply purchase a bundle of flowers, trim the stems, put water and a bloom or two in each vase and arrange along the table. Let the vases double as a beautiful party favor, letting each guest take one home when the party has ended.

Charming Details

For a decidedly charming way to sip tea, serve it in mixed and matched antique tea cups with saucers. Most antique and thrift stores have a selection of one-of-a-kind cups that can be purchased very inexpensively. The juxtaposition of different colors and styles will add an intriguing touch to the tabletop!

A Personal Touch

Create personalized tea bag tags complete with the bride and groom's monogram. It's easy! Make your own tags on thin cardstock or purchase small die cut shapes from a stationery store. Handwrite or print the initials or monogram of the couple on each and use a pin to poke a small hole in the tag. Then, remove the paper tags from the tea bags you plan on serving by cutting off the very end of the string, right under the tag. Thread that same end of the string through the hole on the tag you created and tie a small knot. Voilà!

Sweet Treats

Tie the tea party theme together by serving floral inspired sweets. Bake cupcakes or purchase them from your favorite bakery, and top each with a petal from the flowers you've selected to decorate with. Lavender shortbread is a delicious treat to serve with tea, and edible flowers can be used to decorate the tops of tea sandwiches and scones. We served ours on our 24 karat gold plated Regal Crown Serving Set for an opulent nod to the British high tea tradition.

Tea Time

Lay out freshly pressed linen napkins for each guest. Set out an assortment of teas blended with lavender, chamomile and hibiscus alongside flower infused honey, fresh lemon and milk (cream tends to be too heavy for tea.) For an adorable alternative to ordinary sugar cubes, fashioned rock candy sticks to be used as sweet stirrers. Pinkys up!