The Lost Art Of Handwritten Gifts: Why To Send A Physical Letter

Electronic communication has become the norm, so much so that we sometimes find ourselves expressing our regards for significant events such as birthdays and anniversaries with a quick text or email. Still, the power of the handwritten note has not been lost. We share a few reason why it's worth breaking out the pen and paper.

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Snail Mail: Why to Opt for the Handwritten Note

Give Something Tangible

A handwritten letter is something tangible that the recipient can hold on to and refer back to time and time again, unlike an email that is likely to get lost in the sea of an inbox. Ensure you give a lasting expression and write it by hand.


Make it Personal

The experience of receiving a letter is so much more intimate than opening an email. When you have something truly noteworthy to share, be it an announcement or a sentiment, send it with a stamp.


Go Above and Beyond

We receive so few handwritten letters these days that the energy you put in to sending one is bound not to go unnoticed. A little extra effort can go a long way in making someone feel special and appreciated.


Have it Come Straight from the Heart

Unlike an email, with a handwritten letter you don't have the opportunity to backspace. Writing with pen and paper means it comes straight from the heart, and any spelling or grammatical errors will only make it all the more endearing.


Surprise Someone

Most of the mail we receive is pretty unwanted--bills, pre-approvals, and other junk. Imagine how surprised the recipient will be when they find a beautiful note tucked in their mailbox. Who doesn't enjoy a good surprise?